Initial Set-up 

Getting Started ..

You will receive a email from our system to generate your password:

1. Click on Join now:

Set your password

When clicking on the link of the email, you are directed to our system to define your password

1. Enter Password

2. Repeat Password

3. Submit

Log in 

No Software or  App to install

Simply open Google chrome browser on any device and Login to your portal

You can use the Login button on the Main page here



Or Log in on this URL 


No Software or app to install.
Works on any device

Home Screen and Tabs

Initial Portal Screen, Contains an overview of profile stats like revenue, jobs, and rating, as well as shortlist of new requests and Upcoming Assignments.

Your Profile

Access to your vendor profile. 

Requests (availability) / Job Offers

Requests / Offers are appointments suggested for you
You can Accept or Reject these depending on your availability.

Upcoming update:
Soon the Text messages you receive with job offers will include a accept, reject option.
This is to eliminate the need to log in to the system to accept or reject



You will see a list of all your upcoming and past assignments with the relevant status information for all assignment from August 1, 2020 onward. 

NOTE – Remember to set your date range to include all future jobs  

Historical assignments:
We will update the new system to also reflect the historical assignment data prior to august 1 2020 in the near future.  


Self-assign jobs

How to Accept or Reject a offer

Entering Job details and collect signature

How to enter your job details and mileage at the end of an assignment
How to collect the signature from the client on your phone or Ipad

Video Coming Soon

Financial Information


Detailed Video Coming Soon.


We are implementing the FINANCE Tab in the vendor portal

Here you will be able to see the status of your assignments that are entered and approved and ready for payment

It will include the Bill number (previously check request),  total of Bill and Payment Status


If you click on the bill# it will provide you with details on which Assignments are included and the totals of each included assignment





Video Coming Soon

For Urgent Needs:
Help is right Inside the system

Support is right in the app.

Our developers are responding quickly