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Dear Valued Interpreting Partner, 

We have some exciting changes here at The Language Group!

These changes will directly affect HOW we work together.  And we think you will be very HAPPY with our changes.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new Interpreting Management System.

Effective August 01, 2020 we will be transitioning to the new system.

The new system will make your work with us much easier.

We are very excited!  And we hope you are too!


    • There is no app.  You can still use your phone.  But instead of using an interpreter app, you will use Google Chrome (download it to your phone, if you don’t have it already).
    • Using Google Chrome, go our website from your phone, and you can manage your jobs from there.  It is that easy.


    • You will be working with our traditional app for the month of July.  Starting August 1, you will be using the new system.
    • After you read this email, you will receive a 2nd email from us, with instructions to log into our new interpreting system, so that you can see all your assignments that are dated August 1 and beyond.
    • If you receive an interpreting request dated August 1 or later, it will look a different as we will be sending you the job from the new system.  (so you have to log into the new system to see the information on any assignment that is dated August 1 or later.
    • To make your transition easier, we have created short training videos on how to use our new system.

     VIDEOS – General System Overview

    Interpreter Walkthrough


    Interpreter Settings


    Interpreter Portal Overview


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