Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please send us your comments and questions using the form here 

We will try to keep this page up-to-date with all common questions and solutions.  

Section ONSITE 


When can I log in the new system

The New system is online. You can log in anytime 


How do I LOG IN your system

Same Password as old system?

The New system does not have the same password. 

If you are not sure about your password: 

Go to the login page 

Select Forgot your password?

Enter your email in the window  and click Reset Password 


You will receive a email with instructions to reset your password 




Then select Forgot Password

Enter your email address (same as email used for registration)

You will receive an email with further instructions

Password Reset email did not arrive

This is a known issue and is being worked on

It currently affects Yahoo and AOL email accounts or accounts accessed through AOL and Yahoo.

We hope to have this solved by 23th of August

In the interim, we have a solution to reset the password on our side for you,  please contact us at to request a reset 

Signature requirements on appointment

We will still be requiring our interpreters to get a signature from a facility representative.

The system allows electronic signature capturing when you select submit job details: 

Apple Users: Google chrome app on your iphone or ipad

Google Chrome works best on all devices

For Apple Users, with Iphone – Ipad

if not already installed, go to App Store search for google chrome browser app and install


I am unable to see future assignments

Please make sure you are setting you DATE RANGE correctly in Activities 


Note: In future release we will enable you to set a standard timeframe for this display in your profile settings 

Text Message - Accept/Reject without need to login

We continue working on our text message templates.

You no longer have to log into the system to accept or reject. you will be able to accept or reject assignments right within the text message.

Multiple Text Messages for the same assignment

This issue is being worked on and should be resolved shortly 

We will have it solve by approximately 26. August 



How do I enter my actuals

See Video here

Your Financials and Reports

We have added the first version of the financial reporting on your vendor profile.


It allows you to view the billing and payment status of completed projects for your reference:

CLICK HERE for more details

Another important message from Giovanni regarding your payment schedule

A Message form Giovani

My Dear Colleague,

As I mentioned in my earlier message to you, we have changed our interpreter scheduling platform.  As in any enterprise system update, issues arise that need to be fixed and, as you may recall, I asked for your patience while we try to address all these issues. 

One of the issues we are working to fix directly affects the timing of your payments. As you know, we process payments every week.  Which means this week you should expect payment for work you completed during the first week of August. 

I’m sorry to say that payments will be delayed by one week. 

Next week, you will receive payments for work completed on the first week of August and the second week of August.  Therefore, you will be all caught up by next week.  

In the 21 years that we have been in business, we have been late paying our interpreters only once before. 

I apologize for this incredible inconvenience.    

Again, we thank you for your patience.

My best regards,


Section Schedule VRI (Zoom Meeting) 


Urgent Needs:
Help is right Inside the system 

Support is right in the app.

Our developers are responding quickly