First Steps 

Joining the TLG Team 



TLG Preferred Vendor

Becoming a preferred Vendor for TLG is becoming a Family member.  We take care of each other and support each other in all aspects. 

Our Goals is to provide you with a exiting work environment in which you are able to grow, learn and contribute to the success of our team. 

The steps outline the journey, from the initial contact, through on-boarding and the advantages each step in the journey brings for you 


Step 1 - NDA

The protection of privacy and data for you and us. Making sure that we have a clear understanding what restrictions apply and how we handle each others information. It is a important step that will allow us to share specific details of our project and assignment mix and grant you access to our technologies. 

Step 2 - Self-Sign up

Tell us all about your skill, achievements, experience and in which specializations and fields you feel most effective. Tell us your rates and availability and attach your supporting documentation, right in our secure production platform. In that case you can be sure that we have all the necessary information about you, that will help us finding the right assignments for you. 

Of course, the data is protected this way and only accessible to the right team members.  

We know, a administrative task, but it ensures that 

  • No information is lost 
  • Accurate and complete data 
  • We can assign you the right projects 
  • We have all current address, skills,  pricing and payment info on hand 
  • You can update your info anytime when needed.  
  • You always have access to up-to-date project and billing/payment info @ your fingertips
Step 3 - On-Boarding

In this step we will tell you all about us, what systems we use.
You will meet the Team and get to know us. 

We will also provide you with training and support on our systems.
We will  give you access to our online training, FAQ as well as our e-learning platform, on which you can take some interesting courses to further develop your skills if you like. 

You can access to our collaboration platform and can exchange with your fellow team members.  

Step 4 - Testing and initial assignments

In this step we will start working with you on the first projects and lead you through the process. 

We also will use the time to find the best fitting client assignments in various areas and a mix of team members that match you style and preferences.  We want to make sure you feel part of the team and can develop a great working relationship with your team mates. 

We are in it for the long term. Most of our vendors are working with us for a long time – we want YOU to be one of them. It is a process though, that can take some time, but you will see – it is worth it. 

We have been experiencing a lot of growth in our organization because of it. Remember, we have been voted BEST PLACE to WORK for a reason 🙂   – The Team 


Step 5 - Standard Teams

In this step we will further increase the work to you and expose you to different sections we see you might be interested in. The more exposure you will get, the more accurate our assignments will become over time. We will also see, which client, assignments and teams fit the best for you. This is based on data collected during the process allowing us to find the ideal project mix for you in which you can excel. 

This ultimately leads to  the next step : 

Step 6 - dedicated Client Teams

The next level of growth within our organization and teams. Dedicated client teams are Tier 1 translators that will always work on the work coming from the assigned clients. 

This ultimately leads to  the next step : 

Clean working environment and tools for our linguists

All needed information at your fingertips.   

Get ready for e-learning (coming soon)