Teamwork makes the dream work

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I want to tell you how much I appreciate working with the Language Group.  You are a rare language services agency.  Your system is a well-oiled machine, your staff is unfailingly helpful and efficient, your standards second to none and as a result you deliver a service that is a pleasure to be part of.   The way you treat your interpreters is a prominent factor in your excellent service.  You appreciate us, pay us well, treat us with respect and have created an interpreter-friendly system that enables you to hire and retain the best of our profession.  I look forward to our continued work together.



“It’s my pleasure working with your company! All the projects run smoothly, quickly and with the professional approach of your team. The fact that you are using MemoQ instead of working offline really makes our collaboration more productive!”



“We love working with the language group, they spend time and effort in explaining any details on any of the sent tasks, they usually send heads up which makes it easy to plan any project”



“We have been working with The Language Group for the last few years and we can honestly say that it is a great pleasure! The team is always helpful and eager to solve any problem we meet. Because of great communication skills of our partners the cooperation goes really smoothly. As a long-time business partner, we can definitely recommend The Language Group as a well-organized, experienced company with truly friendly and qualified team.”


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